Baidu sues Apple and app developers for fake Ernie bot apps

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  • Baidu has filed lawsuits against Apple and app developers over fake versions of its AI-powered chatbot, Ernie, on the App Store.
  • Ernie, which was launched last month, has been touted as China's most comparable alternative to the US-developed ChatGPT.
  • Baidu has emphasized that any Ernie app found on the App Store or other platforms is fraudulent until an official declaration is made, and warned against the sale of access codes required to use the chatbot.

Lawsuits filed by Baidu against Apple and relevant app developers over fake Ernie bot copies on app store.

The company launched Ernie bot last month, an AI-powered chatbot that has been promoted as China's most comparable alternative to ChatGPT, a chatbot developed in the United States.

In the Beijing Haidian People's Court, Baidu stated that it has initiated legal action against the developers responsible for the fake versions of its Ernie bot as well as against Apple.

Baidu's official "Baidu AI" WeChat account stated on Friday that Ernie currently does not have an authorized app.

Additionally, it shared a snapshot of its legal submission.

The company emphasized that any Ernie app found on the App Store or other platforms are fraudulent until it makes an official declaration.

No immediate response was given by Apple in regards to a request for comment.
On Saturday, a Reuters investigation revealed that there were still a minimum of four bogus apps on Apple's App Store with the Chinese title of the Ernie bot.

According to Baidu's statement, only individuals who have applied for and obtained access codes can use the Ernie bot, and the company also issued a warning regarding the sale of these codes.

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