American teens aren’t excited about virtual reality, with only 4% using it daily

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  • Virtual reality appears to be less popular among American teenagers, as Piper Sandler's latest survey found that only 4% of teenage headset owners use VR daily.
  • According to the investment firm's analysts, this lukewarm usage of virtual reality indicates that it is still in its early days and not as important as smartphones.
  • The survey's results suggest that virtual reality has not yet gained traction among teenagers in the United States.

Piper Sandler's latest survey released on Tuesday reveals that virtual reality has not gained popularity among American teenagers.
The investment firm found that, although 29% of teens polled owned a VR device, compared to 87% who owned iPhones, only 4% of headset owners used it daily and 14% used it weekly.
Furthermore, the survey found that American teenagers were not particularly keen on buying upcoming VR headsets, with only 7% expressing an intention to purchase one, compared to 52% who were either uninterested or uncertain.
According to the survey results, virtual reality technology has not yet gained significant traction among the public, despite the considerable investment made by Big Tech companies and the availability of affordable headsets in the market. As teenagers are often considered early adopters of new technology, their preferences could provide insight into where the industry is headed.
Piper Sandler analysts stated that the modest usage of virtual reality indicates that the technology is still in its early stages and less significant than smartphones.
Despite reports that Apple plans to release its own VR headset as early as this year, the survey reveals that virtual reality is facing difficulties in gaining widespread adoption. The findings indicate that it may be challenging to persuade potential customers to adopt the technology.
Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is reportedly set to launch new virtual reality headsets later this year, in addition to the popular Quest 2 headset released in 2020, which remains the bestseller in the market despite experiencing a decline in shipments last year, according to analysts.
In February, Piper Sandler conducted a survey of over 5,600 teenagers in the United States for their teen study.

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